Single Toothbrushes

Your teeth are individuals that need to be cleaned individually and gently all the way round. This is best done with the single-tuft toothbrush or single toothbrush that can be elegantly manoeuvred around each individual tooth.

The single technique combined with good interdental space cleaning meets the highest standards of oral hygiene. Its application looks more complicated than it actually is. After a few training sessions, e.g. in front of the television, you will become a champion and won't want to give up your new technique.

Use your tongue to steer!

Your tongue helps to steer the single toothbrush together with your sense of touch along the gums. Cleaning according to your sense of touch has an important additional effect, namely that the invisible "shadow zones", which are neglected in most patients, can be cleaned just as thoroughly as those areas that can be seen in the mirror.

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